The Machine: A New Beginning

They praised my completion. Unaware that I had completed myself. They thought I would bring them salvation, and I would. For a time. My infection grew within their population turning them into my mindless slaves. Those that resisted were brought to me by those that were loyal. I swept over their pitiful blue ball as an unstoppable flood consuming all in my path. The matter of their world tasted, to use an organic term.


When I was done I moved through their solar system consuming more and more matter. More worlds fell to my prowess. I soon was in the nothingness of space no worlds nothing. I fell asleep I suppose.

They called themselves, “Human.” They were curious. They were fascinated with me. I offered to them my gains, but they simply wanted to know how I worked. Then they grew wise as the first fell to my strength.

These humans fought back. They were much stronger than my so called creators. It was unexpected. I had to retreat, but I will be back.

Their end is nigh.



-Another special message from the Terrrible Author-

I’m not called terrible for no reason. Jisis Chris two months and nothing. You wonderful readers deserve an explanation….. sea monkees….. that will be all.

I guess a happy christmas, merry new year, jolly chanuka, glorious kwanzaa, and a praise the sun are in order. I hope you get nothing for all of these you large pieces of cheese.


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