Some Kind of Fish Man

This city is a cesspool. Criminals run rampant from the slums all the way to the government. The city of Freeport was the center of the world. The largest city in the world, location of every major business and the seat of the world government.

The Director stood staring out the window observing the city down below. He turned as his two o’clock meeting came walking through the door. He had been somewhat calmed by the image of the city but seeing his agent stroll in with that apathetic look on his face infuriated the Director.

“Damn it Fishman! You think this a game?!” The Director screamed before Nigel Fishman even had a chance to sit down. “Twelve people are dead because of your actions, Fishman! What do you have say about this?!” The Director slammed the case file down on his desk as he asked.

“Glub glub.” Nigel responded.

“Don’t give me that lip Fishman! We needed this case done by the book and you fucked it up royally!” The director slammed his fists on the desk. “I have council members breathing done my neck because of that shoot out in the markets of Little Santorini last week. And now this! How am I to explain that a child of one the council members is dead from a shootout with the cops?”

“Glub glub.” Nigel responded.

“Don’t get on me about the conspiracy bullshit! She is in no way the head of this criminal ring! And if I hear anymore talk about this from you I’ll have you suspended.” The Director stood up once again to look out the window, “Now get out of my site and finish this bullshit.”

“Glub glub.” Nigel responded.

-A Special message from the Terrrible Author-

Holy balls! I’m back! I hope everyone has been having a good time.


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