The Machine Part Two

The machine was meant to save us. It was meant to bring about world peace. It was meant to bring an end to hunger and poverty.

It only brought the end.

At first it did what it was designed to do. It produced food, without the use of materials. Food from thin air. But those that consumed the food from the machine began to change. Began to grow hollow. Soon they all just disappeared.

World leaders, teachers, businessmen, whole countries just stopped. And then gone. Left with no one there.

I’m all that’s left now.

I haven’t seen anyone in years. I fear my end may be coming too. I found the machine once. It knew I was there. It offered me its bountiful gains.

I couldn’t turn it done.

I needed something. I’m sorry.



-A Special Message from the Terrrible Author-

Holy shit! A Special weekend edition of Terrible Stories?! The end is surely coming. On a side note, I simply wished to thank you all for reading these stories, and hope you’re having a wonderful summer.

Go fuck yourself 🙂

The Terrible Author


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