Expanse of Love

Micheal sat in the waiting room reading articles from a three year old magazine about motorcycles. It’d been four hours since Gillian, his daughter, had gone in for surgery to remove the cancerous tumor that had decided to take up residence in her abdomen. The television droned on with some game show, but he ignored it. Others left and came into the waiting room, but none of them were the surgeon. Micheal just continued to sit and wait. Five hours passed, six, seven. Finally at about seven and a half hours Dr. Humphreys came into the waiting room and called for Micheal.

Micheal jumped at the sound of his name, he was mentally exhausted from worrying about Gillian, and had to stop himself from running up to the doctor.

“How is she? I need to know. My daughter is she okay?” Micheal blurted out while trying to steel himself for the worst.

“She is perfectly fine Mr. Quimby.” Dr. Humphreys said to Micheal’s relief. “Now, to the hard part. The depth  and complexity of this procedure does not guarantee that she is cancer free. Only that the tumor was removed. We will have to keep a very close eye on her for quite some time before we can be sure~” Micheal interrupted Dr. Humphreys as he had begun what Micheal felt was gibberish.

“May I please see her?” Micheal asked.

“Sorry, yes. She’ll probably still be under anesthesia, but you may go in and stay with her until she wakes.” Dr. Humphreys lead Micheal to Gillian’s room. Micheal walked over to her, waves of happiness hitting him knowing she wasn’t gone.

Micheal had brought Gillian’s favorite book, Ambrosia Dissidence, with him, and sat down in the chair next to her bed to begin reading, “Night fell on the tiny village of Hempsworth. The summer festival in full swing with ale, eats, and games for all the villagers to enjoy.”

Micheal had made it to the third chapter when Gillian let out a groan. This was followed by the room being engulfed in flames as the hospital was destroyed by a crashing alien spacecraft from the great expanse of space.

The aliens erupted from their downed vessel slaughtering any and all humans in their path. The human race quickly fell to the more advanced alien race and was enslaved. The slavery did not last long as the aliens began terraforming the earth to their home planet of V’Lophel. The human race went extinct and the V’Lophelians took another planet for their ever growing galactic empire.


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