Spoiled Remains.

Victoria made her way through the underbrush, blade in hand. She could see the high priestess giving a rousing sermon to her flock of brainwashed followers. Victoria’s blade made quick and silent work of the patrolling guards behind the small stage. She moved the bodies where they couldn’t be discovered easily and slipped off up to the stage.

“I have only one person to thank for our great success in converting the non-believers! Galdia Neus!” The priestess waved her hands in Victoria’s direction, “Please Galdia come up on the stage and bask in your glory.” Victoria ascended the sort staircase up onto the stage and approached the priestess calmly. When she arrived at the priestess’s side she drew the blade that she had been paid to slay the priestess with. A silver blade with the Neus family crest etched into the blade. Victoria made sure to deal several mortal blows to the priestess. She left the blade in the priestess’s side and spirited into the night away from the mob.

-A Message from the Terrrible Author-

I apologize for missing a story this past Friday. I know you were all chomping at the bit waiting for the latest entry in my collection of short shitty little stories that bring you large amounts of incredible edible joy that makes you wet or hard in whatever sexual organs you have or wish you had.


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