Take Two every Four Hours

You stand at the top of a mountain. The cold crisp air nips at your lungs. An eagle soars through the air above the tree line below before diving towards the lake and picking up a fish. You ready your axe as the muffled screams of your cheating ex are drowned out by sounds of nature. You bring the axe down on their neck and in one clean stroke their head rolls off the stump and down the side of a cliff. Your happiness knows no bounds as your finally free of that cheating ass. The rest of your ex’s body parts sever quite easily and a pack of wolves takes them off your hands.

You sky dive off the cliff with a wing suit  gliding to your cabin and landing safely with the use of your parachute. The cup of hot chocolate by the fire is just as soothing as the sound of an axe through human flesh. You curl up in a blanket with a good book and end up passing out after a few hours of reading. Your dreams bring you pure happiness and you live out your days in your beautiful mountain cabin.

The next day you wake up in your padded cell and straight jacket. The doctors come in with a wheelchair and take you out for your morning medications. You take them and go into your daily coma once again.


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