Bye, Skank.

Helena walked down the street listening to *,’s new album, it was cross between galactic jamboree and old earth disco with a splash of Quizoid nuvian crystals. She was rather enjoying and began dancing down the sidewalk. She made it to the end of the street and continued her dancing as she waited for the signal to change. She accidentally bumped into several people waiting with her and apologized for her actions. When the light turned Helena skipped across the road to the other side stopping in front of the Chinese restaurant where she was meeting her date. She pulled out her phone, and a wave a disappointment came over her.

With Helena’s date canceling on her for “family reasons” she decided to eat anyway, but not Chinese. She skipped along down the sidewalk towards the sandwich shop she always ate at for lunch. She ordered her usual veggie on flatbread with the super spicy sauce. Helena loved spicy food. After paying for her sandwich she continued on her way home, listening to her music as she danced her way home.

Helena reached her building after about a half hour of dance walking. Helena said hi to Miss Neuberri from down the hall as she got to her apartment. Home, Helena set her things on the table and got a glass of water to go with her sandwich. She grabbed her sandwich off the table and moved to the living room opening the window to let in the cool night air. She kicked off her shoes after sitting down on her couch, placing her water and sandwich on the coffee table. She turned on her wall screen and looked up the videos for *,’s new album, and started in on her sandwich.

Halfway through the second video Helena laughed which caused her start chocking on her food. In a panic she stumbled towards her kitchen table in the hopes of using her chairs to free herself from certain death. Slamming herself down on one of her chairs she managed to dislodge the bit of sandwich that almost caused her demise. She took a few moments to relax from her ordeal taking deep breadths to calm herself down.

Feeling ready to return to her relaxation and dinner Helena stood up and made her way back to the living room. She unfortunately tripped over one of her shoes and comically stumbled through her living room and out the open window. She landed on the ground with a thud with only a scrape on her elbow.

“Thank goodness I live on the first floor. Stupid why they’d put a hill right outside my window.” Helena said as she stood up, dusting her off. She hopped the small barrier and began to circle back around to the front of her building when an out of control bus plowed through her and into her building, killing no one else but Helena.

In memory of Tyler. His drinking caused him lots of problems. He never made it to rehab.


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