Bloodied Remains

Her footsteps made loud crunching noises with each foot fall in the snow covered forest floor. One arm dangled uselessly, dragging her sword on the ground. Her other arm held a cloth to her side that seemed to be doing nothing as blood seeped between her fingers with every step. She continued deeper into the forest leaving a blood trail, her vision steadily growing hazier with each torturous step. She collapsed unable to go on, a bloodstain consuming the snow around her.

-From the journal of Caspien Theroux-

Entry #1004 7-5-2532

I found a woman in the woods with a large gash in her side. I figured she had been in some sort of kerfuffle. I had heard some sort of battle had taken place in the castle near by, but that had been some time back. Before I had left to become a hermit in these woods. Somehow she was still alive, but barely. I brought her back to the cottage to try and help her heal. So much blood. How could she have survived that kind of wound?

Entry #1006 7-7-2532

That woman I found was speaking in her sleep today. Something about those long eared fellers that come by sometimes. I trade with them. Good folk. They haven’t been around in a while. I think it’s because of the winter.

Entry #1014 7-8-2532

She woke up briefly today, barely lucid. I asked her name. I believe she said Juniper, and then while giving me her family name she fell back unconscious. At least I know what to call her now when she does finally wake from her coma. Her wound has healed quite nicely with my help. It’s been too long since I’ve used my magic.


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