Fluvian Nut Wranlgers

Larry was a chair. He wasn’t any chair though, he was a folding chair. He was always there when someone needed a place to sit. Even those that didn’t quite fit in the space he provided were able to stay off the ground with his metal legs. ;kljasdf;kjag oq7uhjgquj7ohq7urqj7ufuck [ ajr74gp[ge’pjnui’pjiag j’pr i’pihsd’pjipijhngw]pijnb ]pjinhgpjijpif gpknafdhpjadga


pojag’jkhfd’helpljksfmegljkdbfjp’ia gtheyrhare’anotgiojkadsfkl;a’klsadgj’kmanagementkljafjkasdjklasfdjklasdfj;klasdfdokjadf



-Message from management-

We apologize for the sudden lack of the story. The writer had a heart attack in the middle of writing this one. We decided to post the  story anyway as per the author’s wishes. We wish him a speedy recovery and oh look here she is to finish it.

And that’s why you never make love to a hooker on the moon while sipping champagne out your wife’s ass in the middle of a *, concert high on fluvian nut wranglers.

In memory of Tyler. He forgot there’s no air in space. May his frozen body be used as a sex doll that whippersnapper.


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