Space Squid!!

Cephi was a colossal squid that loved to attack boats along the waters of Antarctica. She had taken down several whaling vessels, a Spanish Galleon, two schooners, a cruise ship, and six airliners. She often ate all that were on the ships, but some would escape. She had several ships return to try and kill her, but she sank those ships too. She was unstoppable. She soon grew so large that she caused title waves with every stroke with her fins. She toppled cities and nations and before long she had destroyed the whole world. She continued to grow so large that not even the Earth could support her.

With nothing left to do Cephi left Earth to explore the galaxy. She met the Quizoids of Gunpar 7 and ate them, they tasted vaguely sweet. She happened upon the bug people of Kellog 8 and fancied a snack, she didn’t like the taste. Coming across the Fishoids of Herring 2334 made her beak water and she gobbled them up too.

The remaining survivors of the species Cephi formed a coalition to try and stop the now star sized squid. When she encountered their ships she ate those too. However the brave efforts of Commander Bel’pop, of the Quizoids, stopped Cephi. Bel’pop sacrificed himself to create a black hole large enough to absorb Cephi. With Cephi gone the galaxy was saved. Bel’pop was immortalized by all the races of the coalition and every cycle on the day that Cephi was destroyed a huge party is thrown in honor of Bel’pop and all lives lost in the battle of Helios 7.


In memory of Tyler. Eaten by a squid. What a hipster douche.


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