Giant Lizard Dicks

Julius sat on the couch watching T.V. He had already masturbated three times, and felt no urge to do anything. As he sat there the sensation of getting lighter came over him. He watched a coffee mug begin to float, then the remote decided to take flight. It was then that Julius realized he was about to collide with the ceiling fan. A hole opened up in the ceiling and Julius saw a giant floating saucer above him.

“OH shit!” Julius screamed as he tried to grab hold of something to stop himself from going up into the ship. He was unable to latch onto anything and was drawn up into the alien vessel everything went black shortly after.

A bright light shown in Julius’s eyes, and any attempt to move was fruitless. He felt long slender fingers caress his body, it soothed him slightly but that was soon replaced with panic as he felt a blade puncture his abdomen. He tried to scream but no sound escaped him. He felt a hand reach into his body and move some of his organs around, the hand removed something from within his abdominal cavity. Julius blacked out from the pain.

Julius awoke on his couch with a start. He looked around to make sure he was really there. He heard a creak and jumped up grabbing a dirty fork from a plate on his coffee table. Another creak followed by a loud crash as his ceiling collapsed crushing him.

In memory of Tyler. I hope he enjoys giant lizard dicks. That wife stealing ass fuck.


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