Some Miracles Suck

Jeremy had lost everything. His wife left him for a young chocolatier, his kids hated him, and he lost his dream job at the Gilbert and Hunmeyer Candy Emporium. He had nothing left to lose, so he now stood on the Golden Gate Bridge staring down at the water below. He took a deep breath and stepped off the edge.

A sharp pain shot through Jeremy’s back as two massive white wings ripped out of his back. He screamed at the pain this transformation caused him, he attempted to fly, but as he was new to these appendages he was only able to slow his decent. He skipped across the water slightly and then sank into the briny deep of the San Francisco Bay. He struggled to swim to the surface, but his new wings quickly became waterlogged making it impossible for him to swim up.

As Jeremy sank an uncontrollable itch came over his neck and despite his tragic circumstance he dug his nails into his flesh trying to make it go away. As he scratched he felt huge chunks of flesh strip away from his neck and sudden burst of oxygen hit his lungs. Jeremy could almost cry if it wasn’t for the fact that he was under water.

As Jeremy lay there at the bottom unable to comprehend what had happened to him in last couple of minutes he felt something wrap around him and start to carry him up and out of the water. Dragged onto a coast guard rescue boat Jeremy couldn’t believe he was still, but a sudden dread came over him. He was unable to breath. Panic took over, he thrashed wildly knocking his saviors overboard as they attempted to help calm him. He slowed clutching his chest, his exertion using up what little air he had in his lungs, and quickly collapsed, suffocating.  Jeremy had been saved, only to die. His new found gills taking over preventing him from breathing oxygen on dry land. His body was given to a local university for examination and dissection. Years later it was sold to a traveling freak show for about 12 dollars where it was used as an attraction, and sex doll.


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