That Sinking Feeling

Quinten sat watching the sunrise with a stupid grin on his. He took another hit off his bong, holding the smoke in his lungs for a bit. He let the smoke out in various sized rings, watching them dissipate in the morning light. He laughed watching the morning breeze take the rings. He turned when his girlfriend Josie sat down next to him.

“Morning, how’d you sleep?” He handed the bong to her. “You got home pretty late. I was worried it was crunch time and you wren’t going to home at all.” Josie took a hit from the bong and handed it back.

“I gotta head to the office soon, so that’ll do for me. Will you get breakfast going?” Josie yawned as she stood up. She gave Quinten a kiss and went back inside. “FruityRings please.”

Quinten wasn’t too far behind her getting back into the house. He went straight for the kitchen leaving the bong on the table. He retrieved the box of cereal from the pantry, two bowls from the cupboard and a pair of spoons placing them all on the kitchen table. He poured himself a bowl and chowed down. He washed his dishes after eating leaving the cereal and other bowl on the table for Josie. Quinten still had the munchies and went through the fridge to find some more food.

“No way, Guillermo’s!? I thought that was gone.” Quinten excitedly opened the tin foil only to find it empty. “Nooo! Why? Why must it be this way?” He held the tin foil while falling to his knees in a feigned despair.

Josie came into the kitchen and started laughing at the sight of Quinten on the floor, “Yeah I met Paul and Ruby down at the beach the other day. They suggested I play a trick on you.” She said while pouring herself a bowl of cereal.

“Those bitches. Now I really want some of Guillermo’s tacos. His spicy tofu is second to none.” Quinten threw the tin foil on the counter then grabbed a banana, sitting down with Josie at the table. “I heard on the wire that George moved. Are they going to give you his position?”

Josie choked slightly, “H-how the hell did you hear about that already?”

“You forget that I have friends that still work there? They tell me everything.” Quinten quipped, “Besides George told me to congratulate you anyway on the promotion. Just before he left I guess he told them you should replace him. Still a prick though.” Quinten smiled as Josie tried to keep from laughing. “Finish your cereal you’ve got to be at work soon.” He through the banana peel away and went back outside with the bong, ” Come give me a goodbye kiss before you go. I’m going to do some work in the garden.” He closed the door behind him and sat down on the bench. He reloaded the bong with a fresh bowl and started taking rips. About fifteen minutes later Josie came out gave him a kiss, “Have a good day hun.”

“I will.” Josie disappeared back into house, and shortly after Quinten heard the car drive off. He went back to taking hits off the bong shortly afterwards.

Close to an hour passed while Quinten smoked his morning away. Shortly before ten o’clock in the morning a sink hole opened up swallowing Quinten’s neighbor’s house along with Quinten and most of his backyard. Quinten was crushed under his own house when the ground shifted and his house slid into the hole crushing him.


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