Guillermo’s Restaurant

Josie loved to skateboard. She often found herself skating down by the ocean the most, enjoying the cool ocean breeze as she sped down the boardwalk to the skate park. At the skate park Josie met up with her friends Paul and Ruby and the three dropped into the bowl together. The three did some synchronized skating to the amazement of their fellow boarders. The three friends skated till sunset, finally stopping to enjoy watching the sun dip below the horizon.

Josie sat curled in a ball, eyes closed listening to the ocean. Paul spoke up, “Hey, you guys hungry. I could really go for a burger, or some pizza. Tacos would be pretty good too. What do you think Josie?”

“Oooooh! I want tacos!” Ruby blurted out, snapping Josie out of her quiet trance.

“Tacos sound great. I haven’t eaten since breakfast.” Josie said, stretching out on the sand, “Guillermo’s is still open, and his tacos never disappoint. Let’s go.” She popped up to her feet and grabbed her skateboard. “Last one inside pays!” She exclaimed running for the boardwalk.

Ruby followed quickly behind her, with Paul taking up the rear. “That’s not fair! You guys have always been faster!”

“Stop complaining slowpoke and learn to skate faster!” Ruby said with a smile, pulling ahead of Paul some more.

The three zipped through a few back allies. Josie tried to ollie over a fallen trashcan failing in a spectacular fashion. Ruby sped past laughing, while Paul stopped to help Josie up.

“Thanks, Paul.” Josie said as she stood up, “Ruby is gonna win now damnit.” The two skated off to the restaurant. Ruby stood waiting for them with a grin on her face.

“I win.” Ruby said as she lead the way into Guillermo’s. Josie made sure to be the next one through the door. Paul had been holding the door and with a heavy sigh entered last.

“I guess I’m paying. Again.” Paul bemoaned as he sat down. “Josie didn’t you just get paid?”

“I did, but you were last to enter the restaurant, but as I stated at the beginning of the race, Last one inside pays. So, as you were last to enter Paul. You pay.” Josie said in a matter of fact tone. Paul just shrugged.

“Hey, you three amigos it’s been awhile since you’ve been in here.” A familiar voice said to the three while setting down water for the group. “Shall I get you the usual?”

“Oh, Priscilla. I didn’t know you were working tonight. Then again you probably told me and just forgot.” Ruby said gleefully. “And yes the usual would be great, honey”

“You got it missy.” Priscilla said as she walked away writing down their order from memory.

“I see why you wanted tacos. You just had to come see the missus, eh?” Josie said with smirk. “You didn’t forget her telling you at all I bet.”

“I don’t know what you mean. I really wanted tacos.” Ruby said in a coy manner. “So, how’d that new design project bid go for you Paul? Did you get it?” She followed up trying to change the subject.

“They said I would know if I won the contract by the end of the week, which I’m pretty sure means one of those bigger firms got it.” Paul said somewhat angrily. “I got to see some of the other proposals. My work is way better.”

“It’s gonna be alright Paul. Have you told Nina?” Josie said with a reassuring pat on his back.

“I don’t want to stress her out. With another baby on the way and Hugh starting school this fall, it all feels like too much. I’ll let her know as soon as I know if I got it or not.” Paul heaved a sigh. “Besides it’s not like I actually need it. With all my other work we’ll be just fine.”

“Speaking of good work. I managed to get that promotion to lead level designer after George moved to New York.” Josie spoke proudly. “I have minions now.”

“Really? I thought you said George would never leave? That he was in love with the ocean or something like that.” Ruby piped up. “Or did that actor boyfriend of his snag a big role out there?”

“I think he got offered a lead game designer position at some indie outfit up there, and his boyfriend strong-armed him into moving there.” Josie said with a smile. “But I don’t care because I’m lead level designer and George was a goddamned nazi of a boss.”

The ocean began to recede at an alarming rate exposing all the pillars holding up the pier near the restaurant the three were having fun chatting away in. With night having fallen no one could see the massive wave sweeping towards the coastal city. The pier was wiped out as if made from popsicle sticks and glue. Priscilla had just set down the three friends’ meals and given a hug from Ruby when Guillermo’s restaurant was demolished leaving nothing but the connections to the sewer, gas, and water lines.

The wave devastated the small coastal town, but nothing prepared the inhabitants for what came next. From the sea came grotesque creatures with no discernible shape just a mass of mouths and tentacles. Any survivors of the tsunami were hunted down and dragged to the sea, their flesh to be a sacrifice to the Abhorrent One, G’Xaftoth. A clawed, long fingered visage came from the ether scooping up the sacrifices as it moved inward to the city. Those trying to look for survivors were lost to madness as their minds imploded from just the smell of beast.

The world stood no chance against the Gluttonous appetite of G’Xaftoth. It consumed all in its wake leaving the earth a barren wasteland incapable of supporting life. And with its work done G’Xaftoth, the Abhorrent One, returned to the nether realms from which it came to sleep once more.


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