Cruises aren’t for Everyone

Hubert was on a singles cruise in the middle of Caribbean enjoying his vacation. He had met several new friends in the first couple days of the cruise, and he ended up having a massive orgy with all of them. Hubert was on his way to his room with Janet, one of his new friends, when a ear shattering high pitched noise along with the ship coming to a sudden stop that sent Hubert and Janet flying several feet. Getting to their feet the two started for the stairs to the main deck. Janet got the door first, flinging it open she let out a scream as a tentacle wrapped around her and pulled her into the stairwell and down to the lower decks. Hubert tried to chase after Janet, but was stopped as two decks down the stairs were destroyed. Hubert headed up only to find that at deck 4 the door was locked he went to down to deck 5 and was thankful to find the door wasn’t oddly locked.

Hubert found chaos on deck 5. People were running everywhere, and someone had been trampled. Hubert tried to make his way through panic to another stairwell, but as the ship started to tilt he lost his footing and slid into an open room. He used some of the rooms cabinetry to make his way up to the door, but slipped when his hand lost grip on a slimy secretion. Falling back into the room Hubert’s neck was broken when he landed head first against the wall of the room, but miraculously He survived, albeit paralyzed.

Panic set in for Hubert at this point. He screamed for help, but none would come. Unable to move Hubert watched in horror as a massive tentacle slid into the room, seeming to search it out until it found him. The tentacle wrapped around him and pulled him out of the room and through several decks of the ship before it was revealed to be attached to mass of teeth already covered in the blood and flesh of other passengers. Hubert closed his eyes and waited for the end. He was eaten head first, not that he would have felt anything going the other way.


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