Outdoor Living

Yusuf had decided to forgo society by moving into the woods in the middle of nowhere. He managed to build a small cottage in a nice clearing near a river. He became part of the forest ecosystem earning his place among the trees. His days were filled with hunting and berry picking. Some days he made sure his cottage was staying together and other days tended to his garden.

Many years passed with Yusuf living quietly in his forest home with no human contact. He enjoyed his peaceful existence of never taking more than he needed. The wolf cub that he had found and raised was the only companionship he required. The two were a perfect team on the hunt, and the best of friends when working in the garden.

Silent footsteps through the underbrush marked Yusuf’s presence in the forest. He and his wolf companion stalked a deer already injured by and arrow let loose from his bow. The two had spent close to two hours tracking the deer over several miles before it finally collapsed from exhaustion on the side of a trail. Yusuf took aim again as the deer’s heavy panting grew more ragged. Letting the arrow loose saw it sail through the air in a slight arc into the back of the deer’s head, ending its torment. Yusuf retrieved the arrow from the the deer’s head and removed what was left of another arrow that had hit it in the shoulder.

The deer had traveled in a large circle leaving Yusuf and the wolf near the cottage, but still a fair distance away. Yusuf fashioned a large deer sled out of a few large tree branches and took the deer back to the cottage. He preserved the meat in an underground freezer and used the hide for various repairs of clothes and bindings around his home.

For several nights following the hunt Yusuf had terrifying nightmares of being hunted by a creature whose appearance he could not describe even to himself. Leaving his clearing made him uneasy for several months following the nightmares. When winter came it was unusually harsh and he lost his wolf companion when a tree collapsed through his roof crushing his only friend.

Yusuf had managed to repair his home to get through the rest of winter, but it would take a little while longer to get it back to full working order. He traveled out into the forest for a short walk. The winter had been cruel to him and he wanted to clear his head. Yusuf was so caught up in his thoughts that he did not hear the clomping hooves of a moose charging straight at him, and before he noticed it was too late to react. The moose barreled through Yusuf impaling him upon its antlers. It flung Yusuf aside like he was paper. He tried to stand, but the moose was on top of him before he had a chance. It stomped Yusuf into a bloody pulpy mass of twisted bone and torn flesh before scampering off deeper into the forest.


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