Lost in the Night

Francis made his way to the fridge to find something to eat, but only found it to be fairly empty. He checked his cupboards and was delighted to find some mac and cheese. He still had plenty of milk to make, so he was in a good mood. After eating he returned to his chair to watch some TV. Some boring game show was on, but nothing good came on during the day, so he decided to take a nap to make the day go by faster. He awoke to find his apartment unusually dark. He reached to turn on the lap, but it would not turn on.

“The power is out?” Francis said to himself. He reached into the drawer of his night table and pulled out his flashlight. He moved to the living room and tried the breaker. Nothing changed, the lights remained off. His flashlight began to flicker, he hit it to try to keep alive but it died. It was then that Francis noticed a large buzzing noise. He turned around trying to discern where the source of the noise was, but found it was coming from everywhere.

Francis started walking towards his front door. The buzzing began to grow louder. Every step he took was like walking over an extremely sticky floor. The buzzing continued to grow louder. Each step was harder than the last and before long he could not walk anymore. The buzzing was to the point of making him deaf. Unable to think over the sound he could feel his ear begin to bleed, and still the buzzing continued to grow louder. He felt a copper taste in his mouth, liquid run from his nose and eyes.

A monstrous eye opened before Francis. He began to move towards the eye as it began to split in the middle revealing billions of teeth. He crossed the threshold of the mouth and was consumed. His body torn limb from limb, crushed, drained of blood, and finally turned into a fine paste before being absorbed.

–Excerpt from the journal of Harvey Goodwin dated 6/14/1988–

I heard a tale from an old man when I was in the Riviera at a young age. He told me of a creature like no other. Formless aside from a single eye. He told of it taking those who are lonely and uncared for. Its name meant something akin to “all seeing one” or “the unblinking” but the name given in what the old man said was the creature’s language was “P’Loraff.” To this day it gives me chills just to think of the name said aloud.


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