Empty Night

Randall heard a noise behind him as he was walking down the alleyway. Turning around to see what it was all he found was nothing but garbage cans. He figured it was just a stray dog or cat. Continuing on his way he turned the corner onto a major street for more light. He heard more crashing behind him, but again only the empty street greeted him. He picked up his pace to a slow jog passing by a small restaurant, a flower shop, and a video rental shop. Crossing the intersection Randall stopped in front of the same restaurant. He looked around trying to find some indication as to why he was seeing the restaurant again. He noticed the street lights were going out.

Panic began to set in as the darkness grew closer to Randall. He tried desperately to get in to the restaurant but failed miserably. He turned around to find two lights left, one shining on him, and another across the street illuminating a man in a trench coat and fedora. Randall couldn’t see the man’s face, and before he could call to him the lights flickered and he was gone.

Randall awoke the next morning to the sound of his alarm clock. He could barely remember the dream he had the night before, but felt uneasy for quite sometime during the day. During lunch the feeling left him and he finally began to feel at ease. He was eating his lunch in peace when a loud pop rang out. Screams rang out in the restaurant as Randall’s body collapsed from the bullet that had passed through the back of his head.


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