The Expedition Part 1

Bonnie was exploring a cave with her team trying to discover if it lead to the ancient city of Hemek’Toth. Her research had lead to the Sawatch range of mountains in Colorado. Bonnie and her team had been exploring this cave system for three days and had began to feel fatigued. Her assistant, Molly, had let her know that some of the team were beginning to feel uneasy.

“I know how they feel, but we are so close. I found this today.” Bonnie showed Molly a small artifact, the very sight of it caused her to recoil.

“How can you even stand to touch that thing? Just look at it!” Molly was almost in tears as she moved away from Bonnie and the object. “Where did you even find it?”

“We have to keep everyone here. We are near the city. I can feel it. Finding this proves we are close, and that my research has not been in vain all these years.” Bonnie said as she wrapped the artifact up and placed it back in her bag. “We’re heading to where I found this tomorrow, inform the team.”

“Bonnie, I hope this isn’t another wild goose chase like the Andes. The university isn’t going to fund these expeditions forever. Hell. Just to get this one off the ground we had to take less than half the funding we got for the Andes outing.” Molly exclaimed as she turned to walk away. “We are not invincible as we once were.” Molly disappeared into the camp leaving Bonnie with her thoughts.

“You’re wrong Molly. Tomorrow we will find something greater than anything we’ve seen before.” Bonnie took the artifact from her bag again and set it on her make shift desk. She began to sketch the object into her notebook, making notes about it.


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