Janet goes for a Walk

The day was Tuesday the fourth of the eighteenth month of the seven thousandth two hundred fifty-sixth year of our Lord Blix’Glop and it was a nice, not too sunny and not to cloudy. Janet decided to go for a walk through the local park near her house. There she talked with her neighbors about the strange events on the news. After a while Janet continued her walk through the park, admiring the scenery of the small forest.

Across the city a portal opened on main street unleashing the hordes of Glifyig the Defiler of Ham upon the Earth. His forces made quick work of Earth’s defenses and enslaved the human race.

Six weeks later Janet now works in the fire pits. She makes a modest living and is only tortured two hundred times a month down from the one thousand times when she was first enslaved. After a few more months Janet had become the head of the fire lake. Glifyig had gifted her with a flaming sword so that she may smote any who defy him.

One day on her way back from the lake she stopped by the rolling spiked masher. She tripped and was impaled on a spiked fence dying instantly. Glifyig was saddened by her death, but was over it quickly as he had more important things to do.


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