Victor’s Friend

Victor was new to the city and wasn’t quite sure of himself yet. He had a nice job working for the local university’s science department where he helped with finding the cure for the deadliest disease, Bun Leg. This disease was so deadly whole countries had been reduced to nothing more than rock and cinder. Six weeks after moving to this city Victor was at a party hosted by a coworker when he met Martin. Victor and Martin hit it off immediately and began dating shortly after the party. Their relationship was great and they ended up moving in together after six months.

Six years later the two were still together. They had adopted a couple kids and moved to the suburbs. Everything seemed to be going their way, the kids were in school, Victor was now the head of the science department at the university, and Martin was enjoying being a stay at home parent.

One day Martin received a call from a distraught Victor. He explained there had been an accident at the lab and some of the deadly Bun Leg virus had gotten on him. He let Martin know he loved him and the kids, and that he wasn’t going to leave until he found a way to stop the virus so he could come home to Martin. Martin devastated by the news cried for hours until the kids returned from school. He let know what was going on and that everything was going to be just fine.

The next day while taking the kids to see their father, Martin had a stroke and caused the car to crash into a semi. Neither Martin nor the kids survived. Victor on the other hand was killed when the lab he was working in exploded from a gas leak. The Bun Leg virus was never cured and the human race was lost when a meteor crashed into the planet killing everyone and every living thing.


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