Xander has a bad day

Xander awoke with a start, his bed sheets wet and uncomfortably sticky. He reached for his lamp to turn it on, but found no bedside table. He reached to the other side of the bed and again found no table. He jumped from his bed, but landed on nothing, simply falling slowly away from it. He tried to speak but no words could escape him. He turned around and found himself face to face with a giant sparkling lizard. Xander’s head exploded from the site, unable to comprehend what his eyes took in. The lizard opened its mouth sucking in Xander’s body to become its meal.

For you see the lizard was G’Xaftoth the Abhorrent One. And all who enter into its domain are to be its food as it waits to return to the physical realm upon which it will feast on the non-believers and believers alike. All will be consumed! There is no escape from its gluttonous appetite! Praise be to the ravenous one! May it absorb us all!


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